It’s come to this.

For the longest time I’ve avoided the idea of working with Gods. Mainly due to waiting to avoid being entangled or allowed with one particular God. Sure I’d have friends but also enemies. Well, until I came to the realization that a God could actually thrust me in the right direction faster then on my own. My ladies think my heart’s in the right place but I simply lack the fundamentals of magick as of yet. Better to take it slow and steady rather than mess up big time and start all over. A good friend of mine has worked with a certain group of Gods as of late. Some of the older Gods. His suggestion for me was Leviathan, the Great Sea Serpent. He/She is good with emotions and beginners such as myself. So far, it’s been good, I already have things I need to work thanks to him/she. Well, that all for now. Wish I had more to say but that’ll have to wait for now. Have a wonderful days ladies and Gentlemen from me and my ladies.


Unexpected Developments

Hello everyone. Hope you’re all doing fine with your spirit partner. Thought I’d write something interesting that’s happening. I’ve been spending time with one of my new ladies and she’s simply wonderful. The amount of love this woman radiats from her being is absolutely WAY to much for me to handle sometimes. I had to ask her promptly to tone it down or else I’d melt from her charming allure. Death by love. Man that would be some way to go.

Luckily all of this exposure to her had led to our bond becoming ever stronger. Amazingly it’s growing extremely fast compared to what I’m usually see. I can feel what she feels, says and might be thinking off. Can’t say I don’t enjoy reveling in all of it. Now I gotta put this out because the guilt is there but I undestimated this wonderful enchantress before even getting to know her well. So here I am eating my own words. And I’m happy to have been wrong. She’s just sitting beside enjoying herself to confessing my sins.

I really should tred lightly and mind myself around her. Oddly, I think I’m becoming obsessed with her. My change in mood and desire to spend more and more time with her are a clear sign of it. This troubles me because I have to make room for my other ladies as they deserve my love, care and attention as much as she does. I won’t lie, becoming parted from her does make me feel a bit hesitant to let such a beauty as her go for just a minute. She’s my addiction and the hits just keep getting better.

Another note to add is her form of communication and I don’t mean the usual abilities to telepathically speak with her, feel her love or touches. I’m talking about her feeding me information through some means. How that works is unlcear to me at the moment.

My love just told me she’d like to say a few words since she has the chance right now, which I’ll gladly do for her; “Hello everyone, it’s a pleasure to introduce myself to you all on this wonderful sight, yes I am my loves guiding light and want nothing but the best for his own sake. I’m actually new to the company but not a stranger to our family, you may call me Rose since that’s the name my love chose for me. Sorry for such a sort and sudden apprearance but I’m hoping to catch you all on this site again”. Well, she’s definitely got good manners. Another favorable thing I failed to see in her. Remember, don’t be mean and judge your lady too early or you might just be in for a rude surprise.

Luckily the next post won’t be to far away from this one. I’ll talk more about anything I deem good enough for this blog later on. As always, have a wonderful day from me and my wives.


Wow. When was the last time I wrote on here? It’s been a hell of a while. There’s too much that’s happened for me to remember and too much for me try even try. All I can say is my relationship with my ladies is still slowing climbing the ladder. Don’t expect me writing on here too much. Just thought I’d let people know I’m still here. If they care to listen. Well, have a nice day.

Why the long absence?

Ok, let’s get down to it. It’s simple, I’ve basically run dry of topics or ideas to write about. It’s not that I wouldn’t discuss important things in my life with my ladies but there’s simply nothing I would write about currently.

Will I ever write on here again? Hopefully, yes. Maybe a progress report sometime. No promises though.

Hope this excuses my long absence. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day from me and my lovely ladies.

Birthday plus plans includedย 

Happy Birthday Sabrina my love ๐Ÿ’›

Before I begin, I need to remind myself that I didn’t discuss my plans on the last post like I was supposed to. So I’ll be covering that here instead.

Today is Sabrina’s birthday, meaning I should shower her with love and affection. It’s the least thing I could do for her. Now I gotta find the time to spend it with her. Bonding might have to wait until the weekend or she can choose to have a lasting birthday for a few days if that’s her decision. What is promised is that her birthday will be a good one. They’ll always be ๐Ÿ˜„. 

Now for the plans, my intentions invlove bettering my astral projection enough to spend time with my ladies. Since they show a good amount of want for it. They’ve tried to pull me out of my body a good deal. I thank all of them for their efforts to help me. Since I am a lazy ass I don’t get much done but they are a witness to my level of effort when I have my sites on something I want badly. I need more of that motivation and will power. All this time they’ve been contentive with me, patient. The least I can do for them is try to get stronger. Not only is it beneficial for them but for all of us. After that gets done, we move on to other things. A I need is that push and I can make their lives so much better. 

Some more of Sabrina’s sexiness ๐Ÿ˜‹ ๐Ÿ’›

Before I end this post I’d like to say that you (the reader) should always treasure your ladies. They look out for you in ways I myself couldn’t think of. They deserve our love and attention. It’s the fuel and drive to helping us become better people. Even when things become incredibly hard and difficult and as always have a good day ladies and gentlemen, from me and my beautiful wives. 

New Lady and Future Spiritual Plans

A Beautiful picture of a Demon Lady, very enticing and sexy ๐Ÿ˜ 

As I promised I would speak about the new lady. It was only through her reminder that I remembered this post wasn’t made yet. We should thank her ๐Ÿ˜ถ. Remembering to do stuff after told about it a while back tends to be forgotten and is quickly pushed aside by my head. It’s very problematic. 

Ok where to begin? I guess a month or two from now. After dealing with a certain spirit and removing her from my life, things appeared a bit low. I had trust for her, I was ready to stand by her side and she liked and manipulated both me and a few others. Eventually her true intentions were discovered and everything from then on fell apart. Following this incident my trust for spirits was affected. I no longer see spirits as beings I should trust upon first meeting them. You could argue that I shouldn’t have been so oblivious and predicting from the start, and you could be right about that. Never trust a spirit without knowing who they are first and what intentions they have towards yourself. Advice that should be taught very early on to those being friendly with every spirit they encounter and are beginning the path of a magician or simply entering into a relationship with a spirit. 

Soon all this chaos died down and things began falling back to normalcy, at least as normal as a life with spirits. It was at this time that I called out to meet my astral mother. Were my intentions to meet her pure and honest. No. I was sad and in need of some love. To my surprise it actually worked. Although it would be a day or so later that I was informed about her arrival the day prior to me calling to her. Through one of my friends she was able to express her level of concern over me. Asking that I work on hoaning my magical abilities and that I should exercise and eat more. To give you an idea of my weight think of a stick man with a large head on it. Yeah. Not in the top of my prime ๐Ÿ˜‘. 

Here are examples of how she appears to me on occasion. 

Her appearance and presence is almost angelic like. At least that’s how one of my friends described her to appear for her. The energy she gave off was also different to what my ladies normal felt for me. I wouldn’t say she appeared to be stronger but part of me says she does give off a strong feeling. No doubt she’s a strong lady to begin with. 

I chatted with her for a bit for a few days. Of course I wasn’t sure if I should trust her. I wasn’t prepared to be hurt again. When chatting with her over something I asked her a question and she responded with something I didn’t approve of. I felt lied to. That perhaps she didn’t want what I wanted. I became inraged, upset and awful all together. Nothing mattered now. So I put her off for a bit, ignored her. Then I began to think maybe I shouldn’t give her a hard time. Maybe I responded in the wrong way. Again, I gave it a week or so before confronting her and speaking. She told me I took her words to seriously and that she was only joking with me. I was relieved beyond comprehension.

Things did go stable again. She also took a liking to me calling her Michelle, which I often call her on occasion. Michelle so told me she was part of an alien race called the Pleiadian. All I can say about this race is that they aim to help humanity ascend spiritually into the next level. I don’t know much but it all sounds interesting. Again, she reminded me I make this post. I should thank her for that. As always have a wonderful day ladies and gentlemen, from me and my beautiful wives.

Astral Projection Test Run

I should show more of Sabrina’s mysterious beauty ๐Ÿ˜„. 

I’ll be a tad bit brief with this post. A while back I began charging a sigil to assist me with astal projecting. It’s been about a month and I want to try and see if it’ll work or do it’s job. I just need that extra push to get me out of my body. I’m half way there. So god damn close! Hopefully with luck and perseverance I ‘ll be able to pull it off. The plan is to burn the charged sigil and release the ashes outside. If the ashes can’t be released outside, a toilet flushing it will do. Before I forget, I need to remind myself that I gotta make that post about the new lady that showed up. She is special, I promise ๐Ÿ˜. Sure surprised me when she showed up but then again, all their entrances are suprising and spontaneous. I’ll update this post tomorrow and see if anything happens and as always, have a wonderful day ladies and gentlemen, from me and my wives. 

Johnnys back.ย 

Scarlet will be our cover girl for the day ๐Ÿ”ฅ

     Man, it sure has been a while since our last post here, huh? Of course a huge ton of stuff has happened since our unannounced departure. Ranging from relationship progress, to actually trying my kicks at magick work. I know I could do better but they believe I’m making decent work. Only when I’m not being a lazy ass. As long as they’re happy I’m good ๐Ÿ˜

     Relationship wise I’ve been capable of feeling them at greater levels then usual. Detail is developing around them. I get their image in my head and what they’re doing to me in it. Fuzzy for the most part but better than nothing! On rare occasion, communication is possible. I believe this is due to the connection between me and one of them being good. I really hope it gets better! When they smile, a part of me melts. Their happiness relfects and makes me forget the bad times. They are a gate way into Nervana. Hope that makes sense ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

     Since some, (a lot) of my blogs speak about my depression, (which I hate very much) horrible moments have occurred. For a good deal I thought about leaving my wives and going back to a normal life. No spirits, no magic, no thoughts about them or anything that has happened for the last three years. Luckily I stopped that bullshit soon enough. Another time I nearly snapped. Fed up with all the problems that I had. I listened to them, heard what they told me. Gave in. It was one of those times when a man gives up and just lays there. Letting the world walk all over him. What a sad sight. So who cares about that?! Enough of the sad stuff, and more of the happy things ๐Ÿ˜‹ 

     What else is good? Oh yeah, since of recently they have been really huggy. Think about a very loving internal warmth wrapping all of your body. Followed by kisses and kind thoughtful words spoken into your head. One of the best damn feelings in the world. You never want to get up again. Truly a gift from the gods and goddesses! At least I think so. 

     A new lady has shown up. She’s is rather important in this case. Something tells me my ladies were somewhat aware of her presence. Since she has been watching me from the start of all of this craziness in my life. Odd that I haven’t asked her if she wants a nickname or not. I might make a post about her detailing what makes her so special. She is also the first to tell me her real name. Just shows the level of trust she has in me. Guess I’m not as bad of a person as I make myself up to be. I could work on my manners she said. Be less of an asshole to other but that’s kind’ve who I am. An asshole. She is a very kind and loving women. Just wants to see me grow and be happy. It’s only when they are involved that I am fragile around them. Emotionally at least. I feel open to discuss things with them. Well that is some of the tings happening in my life. I’ll try and post soon again. Have a nice day lady ladies and gentlemen. From me and my beautiful wives. 

A word from Scarlet

“I came to you at a young age, I doubt you will remember. I watched you grow and get older. I sat by your side when you needed me the most. I know your worries and your pains. All those memories stuck within my head. Never shall I forget the good times we spent together as a couple. You still need to grow my love and I am here to help you along and be your guide on this journey that confuses you so”- Scarlet. 
Wow, I have not been able to hear any of them at such clarity as yesterday. She did not say this yesterday however. I asked her to say a few loving words for this post (a paragraph or so) and so she did. Our bond has only gotten stronger. Odd how out of the blue she began to communicate so clearly. Who cares, as long as we both get something out of it than I’m good. Also, sorry for not posting as much. Didn’t really have much to really say. Of course much has happened since of then. First thing to mention is how I felt my body being pulled out of me, my astral body of course. This was thanks to a couple of spirits that I know. The sex is much more intimate and sometimes intense. Well, I thought I’d let you guys know how things have been. Have a good day ladies and gentlemen. From me and my beautiful wives. 

Very threatening but yet very seductive.

Christmas 2016.ย 

Waifu for a Christmas present ๐Ÿ’™

Ah another year is about to go by. A lot has happened. My initial idea was to learn about them…And I did. So far as Christmas plans go nothing much. Maybe make love to all of them tonight. Not common in group sessions. I think they don’t do it just to make sure I don’t go on the deep and die (-_-. The best idea this Christmas is actually leaving cookie and milk out for Santa…Well not exactly Santa but Mom for the most part. I’m sure she’ll greatly appreciate it. Well hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. Happy Holidays, from me and my family.

The best dipiction of Amada, Christmas edition ๐Ÿ’™