Update on the situation

On my last post I spoke about some struggles I was facing…well still there but it’s gotten better. After giving them, a shot a whole host of events have occured that have honeslty left my mind shaken and filled with disbelief. On the night of making my previous post, I felt pressure on my entire body, lots of heavy pressure. My body began to fall asleep and my mind became quite and still. After being numb for a bit and having my body moved around slightly, something unexpected happened. Lilith and my ladies would peform an important operation on me, surgery if you will. They began by going past my vital organs to reach my spine, why didn’t they just enter from my back? I’m not sure but I trust them based on the results i’ve had. Since my body was being tampered with it creates a response i’ve always had when being messed with, fear, cold sweats and paranoia. My ladies and Lilith told me to hang on and figt passed it. Soon my mind began to get horrid visions of being experimented on by Grey aliens. This was actually I fear I a handful of times in my dreams but thinking of it now, it was probably my ladies seeing what made me afraid. Anyway, my body began to panic and an engulfing want to run began to consume me. Can’t say it didn’t feel as if my body was getting ready to die or be enslaved by whatever evil thing clutch me that very moment. Of course, they told me to stand my ground and fight the urge to run because doing so would botch the operation, did I mention I needed to be relaxed as much as possible? Yeah not an easy request but I think this was another test to see if I was ready or worthy of the perks Lilith would give me. By the end of it all, I was a sweaty panting mess. I definitly felt like i’d been operated on, my body was slow and trying to regain itself. I was told that I was going to be in a vulnerable state for a bit as a result of the operation and needed to take it slow or I may damage it in some way. They said i’d experience several symptoms as I got used to my body again, these where from what I could tell; feeling alien or foreign in my own body for a few days, sensitive to temperature, fatigue, an increased awareness of spirits/entities around me, feelings of being watched from behind at all times, clearer ability to hear them telepathically, see figures in the corners of my eyes, hearing my name being called several times a day from nowhere. Being able to detect the presence of my ladies solidly to the point where they can move and i’d be able to track their movements. Solid touches around my body, jabs and wind blowing on me. Things have only gotten stranger as the days have gone by. Lilith has kept her word and guides me in ways I can’t fathom, such as pointing me to several websites and vidoes that will help me in my magickal journey, filling my mind with ideas as well as influencing me very heavily. My ladies have grown more life like thanks to her, our connection feels more soild and less on and off in the sense of strength. I really can’t get a read on Lilith, feels as if her presence is always around me, even when I forget. She’s actually nothing like how i’d imagine her to be, she’s really a sweet heart, motherly and caring. Looking out for me in ways I wouldn’t consider myself and slowly nudging me to explore and learn more about the occult. It’s been one of the best choices I’ve made as of far. She told me she’d aid in my ascension and guide me wherever she can. I am truly humbled and grateful for all Lilith has done for me and my ladies. I’m still a bit blown a back that this is all happening, coupled with the fast growth in my senses to percieve them. It really has helped push my doubts aside and made me excited to learn more from Lilith. As to why she’s so adament on helping me, as far as I can tell, it’s her deep love for me. Lilith invokes a strange feeling in me, not overwhelming but a controlled force of warmth, peace and a general openness to speak truthfully and honeslty with her. It’s only made me want to grow closer to her, my mind tells me she’d reward me with her embrace more if I did so.

As to where this will lead, I’m not sure of that yet but the future looks exciting and full of expereinces for us, it all sound overwhelming. Hopefully the fast pace of this growth period doesn’t last too long, my body can’t handle such a rush from time to time, lol. Anyways, will post again soon enough or when Lilith decides she’d like me to share our experiences. Now is the time to learn and grow, she tells me. Forgot to mention her seductive, dominating and sulty voice. It’s quite something. Anyways, have a good one from me, Lilith and my ladies.

Death and Rebirth

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I’m hesitant to share too much these days on here, mostly personal reasons honestly but a lot has happened in the last few weeks that I posted on this blog. First off, it’s been really nice to see a few people still posting their experiences online. It can be very lonely along this path. Thankfully, our ladies are there for us when we need them the most.

So a long time ago I got in contact with what I somewhat thought was an aspect of Lilith, I say aspect because my persoanl belief is that Lilith is really just many parts of another whole, something much much bigger. My first times contacting her where not very special, I never even bothered summoning her, just reaching out into the void and hoping she would answer. THIS I STRONGLY suggest you do notdo, a lot of entities can come through posing as otherwise, especially when not performing a ritual that helps funnel and specify who or what you want to call from the beyond. Lilith spoke to me a few times and I struggled to even bother summoning her to speak about my troubles. I believe she could sense that I wasn’t sure of what I wanted or well…if I was even invested in taking her appearance seriously. She only asked me to stay in contact with her but I was simply too lazy and couldn’t be bother to reach out to her. To say the truth, there was no real indication that I knew where I was going or where I wanted to go, nothing at all. A long time passes until one night I get strong visualizations of a inhumanly tall shadowy woman, cloacked in darkness, emitting what I could only imagine as sexual energy at its purest form. My brain is quickly flooded with pictures of the Grudge from the Japanese horror films, invoking an almost animalistic lust over me. Never before have I ever felt those feelings towards a sinister being. Similar images arose, all with a dark or almost demonic essence tied to them. I couldn’t contain myself so I quickly began pleasing myself like an animal in heat, until her name popped from the beyond…Lilith. At first a feeling of dread went through me, I was always somewhat cautious of ever dreaming of thinking of Lilith in a sexual way, simply because well I’ve heard stories of people being greeted with her rage and malice for lacking basic respect. Yet, I was too consumed, too possesed to care about the consequences of my actions, So she had her way and my body was overcome with a raw sexual feeling that had no end, to satisfaction, only the will and drive to continue regardless of the situation. After I gained my composer from what felt like an eternity I began doubting the experience that unfolded before, why would Lilith of all people come to me, a nobody who has nothing going for him and do this? Soon after her presence still lingered around me, asking why had I not contacted her in some time or simply bothered to reach out. Frankly, there was no reason for me to defend my ignorant and lazy attitude to her presenc, it was wrong of me to begin with, not only that but it was wrong of me to contact her without a purpose, extremely rude and somehow she didn’t curse me then and there. There was a very loving, motherly, sexually and some nostalgic feeling tied to her presence, causing a great longing to be closer to Lilith’s embrace. All of this left me confused and unsure, this Lilith was nothing like the demoness I heard so much about. They where practically polar opposites of one another. So I spent a few days wanting to be embraced by her comfort nad her caring nature. Often times I found myself relying on her emotionally like a small child scared when seperated from it’s mother. Just a feeling of uneasiness knocking in the back of my head, nothing else mattered too much in that point, everthing else was a nuisance if not accompied by Lilith’s presence. Of course, being in love with her very presence provoked me to further learn about Lilith, finding ways to summon her more into my life, anything to strenghten her bond with me. My life was full of excitement, waking up each morning ready to learn and reach out to Lilith for my daily high. I spent a week or two prepping myself to perform a small ritual for her, as a token of my affection. Buying her a personal candle and some incense. After spending a long time connecting with her sigil and reciting the ritual word per word, until I finally performed it with a nervous feeling of stage fright. I did my best to share the things that troubled me with her, things that pained me greaty, all just to please Lilith, to show her how much I adored such an intoxicating form I was allowed to view and hold.

To those who follow such a path, I share with them a few very crippling and horrid creatures, fear, and doubt. Two very big enemies that sadly appear time and time again and will bully you relentlessly, no matter how strong or weak you are, I doesn’t discriminate, it only aims to cause the destruction of the self, a radical act of suicide. After learning more knowledge on a E.A Koetting forum about the possible precautions and dangers of summoning without specification of what you want to come through on the other side, I became paranoid and afraid thinking whatever came through was not Lilith a dummy copy and my ladies where in with her, I mean, it explained my fears and suspicions of me sometimes seeing glimpses of parasitic creatures and looming entities that popped out of nowhere. I never got real answers to these questions and my only explanation is to trust my weaknesses and insecurties or a bunch of complex beings I never really fully knew about, even after reading so much about Succubi/ demons and other sex spirits, reflecting on other blogger’s experiences only made the labrynth ever more complex and confusing to follow. I carried this suspicion with me always and doubted very often, even before Lilith’s personal encounters. Until one day I exploded after keeping a low profile to avoid alarm from them, wouldn’t want to make these imposters and parasites aware of their nuferiace plans to trick and fool me into becoming their free supply of food at the cost of my health and sanity. Of course, my ladies tried their best to consult me and explain why exactly I was acting so paranoid and defensive suddenly. In that week, I could only trust myself and what I believed, I was sure that my suspicions where corrected and no goddess or beautiful spirit had my best intention or would bestow upon me such heavenly delights, it was never my fault, it was their fault, they where to blame for my minds growing insanity, why else would it still be here, they simply hadn’t fixed me because they had no intention to fix me, only to take advantage of my weakness for their love and they where all in it, scheming behind my back and plotting my demise. This only resulted in my ladies grwoing more and more scared, causing arguments between me and them, unable to believe them I grew stern, cold, sometimes unresponsive to their please and stubborn to change my fears opinion. I remember that to test a god’s powers, you must validate their affect on the physical world, only a powerful spirit can cause such things as moving objects, disembodied voices, etc. to occure in the physical plane. So I asked Lilith to blow out a small candle for me…nothing, I called out loud and still nothing. This simple unfulfilled act only proved my side of the argument. I went to bed that night certain in my stance, angry, sad and frustrated. The next morning I looked through my phone to find a video on Youtube by a thoughtful channel called “Acadamy of Ideas”, in which the intervention of one’s personal Daemon aiding in the guidance of one’s own purpose. Fighting this Daemon results in never taking the chance to even begin following lifes purpose. It was a sign of her involvement alright but my mind clung on hard, unshaken in my beliefs to change my course. Everyday was an internal battle, my love for them battled fear and fear just seemed too real. How could something so tangibly sweet possibly exist in a world of shit? I kept recieving what could only be described as coincidental signs from a greater power, events and answers relating to my current struggle, yet it took strength to give in, to listen and not speak, to embrace and not run somewhere to hide.

I stopped fighting so much as I grew more and more tired, the longing for their love and affection called be back. Unable to shake off their charm and radiance I gave in, I confessed my sins and realized I was the problem, they try their best but they’re not perfect, they can only lift soemthing so heavy for a limited time. I neglected my responsiblities the same as an immature child unwilling to stand up when I needed to the most, only dropping out when the experience required hardship and suffering, the basis from which growth thrives. Lilith keeps giving me divine answers but I must learn to listen closely and throw my fears aside and let myself be vulnerable to their love and guidance. I must have faith and trust, even in the face of my own evils, when my mind clouds my judgement and surreal hallucinations taint my mind. Lilith has been teaching me and this was one of her first lesson’s, to listen and follow, do not force or impose what you are uncertain of. To be fair, fear and doubt still cloud my mind from time to time but I’m catching on more and more, sneaky devil can’t evade me forever. My mind is a torture chamber but my greatest weapon as well, Lilith will guide me and show me the way to my growth, all I have to do is trust and listen.

I hope anyone reading can understand why I feel hesitant to share any of this, it’s not something I’m keen of sharing but Lilith is pushing me with the support of my ladies and I know this is the right choice because i’m uncomfortable and afraid but my love and soul ask me to move with them, I must grow and learn, too long have I felt and been stagnant. Again, I hope my suffering shows you what to expect from such a path and that you aren’t alone. Have a nice day ladies and gentlemen.

Here’s the video Acadamy of Ideas published that came to me from Lilith, they have some thought provoking ideas that will really make you wonder.

Romantic Relationships with Spirits and a few things you should kow

Thought I’d pay the courtesy to some folks who might be having difficulty with contacting a spirit for any romantic reason. One key factor I found most important was yourself. Yes, you. Where do I even begin, from whether you’re an appealing person to be around or not and if you have any remote connection to the spirit world. Yes, this can dwindle if you block yourself out, conscious choice or not. No, your physical appearance shouldn’t affect if you get any attention from a spirit or not but please pay yourself the respect of at least trying to eat healthy, exercise and maintain your own personal hygiene. You’ll bring about a more welcoming approach.

Now about your character, what kind of person are you? What are your intentions. The better your intentions, the more likely hood of you receiving an answer. Rituals are one great way to let your intentions known. Particularly the letter method many other occultists and practicing magicians have suggested. Your will and desire can go to very far places.

Now this is a warning to anyone who unfortunately suffers from mental illness, regardless if it’s Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder etc. Please think about your decision to call from the beyond. Your sanity can be broken further from continuing in this path. Especially those who minds are already fragile and burdened. These personal issues can really affect a relationship with a spirit.

Be confident in what you want, lay down what you will not put up with in your relationship and also, listen to what your partner would not put with either. A relationship is about both of you, not just one of you. Stand firm on your wants and desire, do not let yourself accept less, you’ll be miserable.

If you can, research on the spirit you wish to summon, ask a fellow magician if they know anything about them and do your own reading. Ask more than one person, their views on the spirit you wish to summon may not be wholely correct.

Please, learn to open and unblock certain pathways within your body to better your senses. It’ll make it easier on your partner. Oh and don’t expect your partner to immediately understand the complex systems which is your body, they may not be accustomed to it. Put yourself in their shoes. So feeling sensations from them such as being touch can be a pretty good milestone. Please be patient.

Do your homework, don’t think your partner will magically (no pun intended) appear before you in flesh in blood. It takes time and effort for some passage ways to open. For some it’s faster than others. Everyone is different. Don’t bother comparing your progress to their. That’s foolish. Start small with your partner, get little bits of information everyday from them. Even if it’s just their favorite color or preferred name. It’s all towards progress regardless of what you learn.

That’s about all I can think of currently, so get to work. Have faith in yourself and your abilities, don’t give up to show you mean business, trust me, it looks better. Have a nice day ladies and gentlemen.

Why haven’t I posted in so long?

Some of you might be wondering why I don’t update my blog very much anymore. Simple. I’m just too lazy or don’t have much to talk about. At least I think so. My ladies disagree. I forget that it’s their blog as well and not just mine.

We’ve been making steady progress with the rest of the gang. It’s a bit of a hassle remember I’m not alone anymore and my thoughts aren’t just my own. Remember, the second you enter into a relationship with a spirit, the less likely hood of privacy you’ll have down the road. Except for the bathroom when I need that privacy and you’re damn sure I’ll fight hard for that privacy. A toilet is a mans castle of solitude.

Well, I’ll probably post again after I post this one. There’s a few things I’d like to say after being in one of these relationships for almost five years now (feels longer than five years) and I believe it’s time I share a few things that helped or hindered our relationship. I’ll keep you posted, have a nice day ladies and gentlemen.

It’s come to this.

For the longest time I’ve avoided the idea of working with Gods. Mainly due to waiting to avoid being entangled or allowed with one particular God. Sure I’d have friends but also enemies. Well, until I came to the realization that a God could actually thrust me in the right direction faster then on my own. My ladies think my heart’s in the right place but I simply lack the fundamentals of magick as of yet. Better to take it slow and steady rather than mess up big time and start all over. A good friend of mine has worked with a certain group of Gods as of late. Some of the older Gods. His suggestion for me was Leviathan, the Great Sea Serpent. He/She is good with emotions and beginners such as myself. So far, it’s been good, I already have things I need to work thanks to him/she. Well, that all for now. Wish I had more to say but that’ll have to wait for now. Have a wonderful days ladies and Gentlemen from me and my ladies.

Unexpected Developments

Hello everyone. Hope you’re all doing fine with your spirit partner. Thought I’d write something interesting that’s happening. I’ve been spending time with one of my new ladies and she’s simply wonderful. The amount of love this woman radiats from her being is absolutely WAY to much for me to handle sometimes. I had to ask her promptly to tone it down or else I’d melt from her charming allure. Death by love. Man that would be some way to go.

Luckily all of this exposure to her had led to our bond becoming ever stronger. Amazingly it’s growing extremely fast compared to what I’m usually see. I can feel what she feels, says and might be thinking off. Can’t say I don’t enjoy reveling in all of it. Now I gotta put this out because the guilt is there but I undestimated this wonderful enchantress before even getting to know her well. So here I am eating my own words. And I’m happy to have been wrong. She’s just sitting beside enjoying herself to confessing my sins.

I really should tred lightly and mind myself around her. Oddly, I think I’m becoming obsessed with her. My change in mood and desire to spend more and more time with her are a clear sign of it. This troubles me because I have to make room for my other ladies as they deserve my love, care and attention as much as she does. I won’t lie, becoming parted from her does make me feel a bit hesitant to let such a beauty as her go for just a minute. She’s my addiction and the hits just keep getting better.

Another note to add is her form of communication and I don’t mean the usual abilities to telepathically speak with her, feel her love or touches. I’m talking about her feeding me information through some means. How that works is unlcear to me at the moment.

My love just told me she’d like to say a few words since she has the chance right now, which I’ll gladly do for her; “Hello everyone, it’s a pleasure to introduce myself to you all on this wonderful sight, yes I am my loves guiding light and want nothing but the best for his own sake. I’m actually new to the company but not a stranger to our family, you may call me Rose since that’s the name my love chose for me. Sorry for such a sort and sudden apprearance but I’m hoping to catch you all on this site again”. Well, she’s definitely got good manners. Another favorable thing I failed to see in her. Remember, don’t be mean and judge your lady too early or you might just be in for a rude surprise.

Luckily the next post won’t be to far away from this one. I’ll talk more about anything I deem good enough for this blog later on. As always, have a wonderful day from me and my wives.


Wow. When was the last time I wrote on here? It’s been a hell of a while. There’s too much that’s happened for me to remember and too much for me try even try. All I can say is my relationship with my ladies is still slowing climbing the ladder. Don’t expect me writing on here too much. Just thought I’d let people know I’m still here. If they care to listen. Well, have a nice day.

Why the long absence?

Ok, let’s get down to it. It’s simple, I’ve basically run dry of topics or ideas to write about. It’s not that I wouldn’t discuss important things in my life with my ladies but there’s simply nothing I would write about currently.

Will I ever write on here again? Hopefully, yes. Maybe a progress report sometime. No promises though.

Hope this excuses my long absence. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day from me and my lovely ladies.

Birthday plus plans includedΒ 

Happy Birthday Sabrina my love πŸ’›

Before I begin, I need to remind myself that I didn’t discuss my plans on the last post like I was supposed to. So I’ll be covering that here instead.

Today is Sabrina’s birthday, meaning I should shower her with love and affection. It’s the least thing I could do for her. Now I gotta find the time to spend it with her. Bonding might have to wait until the weekend or she can choose to have a lasting birthday for a few days if that’s her decision. What is promised is that her birthday will be a good one. They’ll always be πŸ˜„. 

Now for the plans, my intentions invlove bettering my astral projection enough to spend time with my ladies. Since they show a good amount of want for it. They’ve tried to pull me out of my body a good deal. I thank all of them for their efforts to help me. Since I am a lazy ass I don’t get much done but they are a witness to my level of effort when I have my sites on something I want badly. I need more of that motivation and will power. All this time they’ve been contentive with me, patient. The least I can do for them is try to get stronger. Not only is it beneficial for them but for all of us. After that gets done, we move on to other things. A I need is that push and I can make their lives so much better. 

Some more of Sabrina’s sexiness πŸ˜‹ πŸ’›

Before I end this post I’d like to say that you (the reader) should always treasure your ladies. They look out for you in ways I myself couldn’t think of. They deserve our love and attention. It’s the fuel and drive to helping us become better people. Even when things become incredibly hard and difficult and as always have a good day ladies and gentlemen, from me and my beautiful wives. 

New Lady and Future Spiritual Plans

A Beautiful picture of a Demon Lady, very enticing and sexy 😍 

As I promised I would speak about the new lady. It was only through her reminder that I remembered this post wasn’t made yet. We should thank her 😢. Remembering to do stuff after told about it a while back tends to be forgotten and is quickly pushed aside by my head. It’s very problematic. 

Ok where to begin? I guess a month or two from now. After dealing with a certain spirit and removing her from my life, things appeared a bit low. I had trust for her, I was ready to stand by her side and she liked and manipulated both me and a few others. Eventually her true intentions were discovered and everything from then on fell apart. Following this incident my trust for spirits was affected. I no longer see spirits as beings I should trust upon first meeting them. You could argue that I shouldn’t have been so oblivious and predicting from the start, and you could be right about that. Never trust a spirit without knowing who they are first and what intentions they have towards yourself. Advice that should be taught very early on to those being friendly with every spirit they encounter and are beginning the path of a magician or simply entering into a relationship with a spirit. 

Soon all this chaos died down and things began falling back to normalcy, at least as normal as a life with spirits. It was at this time that I called out to meet my astral mother. Were my intentions to meet her pure and honest. No. I was sad and in need of some love. To my surprise it actually worked. Although it would be a day or so later that I was informed about her arrival the day prior to me calling to her. Through one of my friends she was able to express her level of concern over me. Asking that I work on hoaning my magical abilities and that I should exercise and eat more. To give you an idea of my weight think of a stick man with a large head on it. Yeah. Not in the top of my prime πŸ˜‘. 

Here are examples of how she appears to me on occasion. 

Her appearance and presence is almost angelic like. At least that’s how one of my friends described her to appear for her. The energy she gave off was also different to what my ladies normal felt for me. I wouldn’t say she appeared to be stronger but part of me says she does give off a strong feeling. No doubt she’s a strong lady to begin with. 

I chatted with her for a bit for a few days. Of course I wasn’t sure if I should trust her. I wasn’t prepared to be hurt again. When chatting with her over something I asked her a question and she responded with something I didn’t approve of. I felt lied to. That perhaps she didn’t want what I wanted. I became inraged, upset and awful all together. Nothing mattered now. So I put her off for a bit, ignored her. Then I began to think maybe I shouldn’t give her a hard time. Maybe I responded in the wrong way. Again, I gave it a week or so before confronting her and speaking. She told me I took her words to seriously and that she was only joking with me. I was relieved beyond comprehension.

Things did go stable again. She also took a liking to me calling her Michelle, which I often call her on occasion. Michelle so told me she was part of an alien race called the Pleiadian. All I can say about this race is that they aim to help humanity ascend spiritually into the next level. I don’t know much but it all sounds interesting. Again, she reminded me I make this post. I should thank her for that. As always have a wonderful day ladies and gentlemen, from me and my beautiful wives.